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What is Advertising? Who does it? For Whom? Can Advertising by itself be a Social Media? It does play a role in shaping how we look at the world and in turn gets shaped by how we look at the world. It also means a lot of small little things that can affect your world in a way you would wish it to be. With a new tool in the world of advertising that addresses the various criticisms. Welcome to

Amarjyoti Acharya & Lawrence Michael are the same person. Mr. Lawrence Michael also writes under the pseudonym of Anandaputra Ananta

Lawrence Michael Creatives merely discourage the disintegral tribal forces of the world and encourages the harmony of order. In your everyday life and for those special moments in celebration of your life and your living!

Welcome to the world of Lawrence Michael Creatives. Just click on the link given and it shall take you to the world of  Lawrence Michael Creatives. The world is your oyster when you know the value of the pearl for its own beauty and why it is so valuable then…! Perhaps only because of it and then…?! 🙂 Or perhaps because of its own beauty of being so…

To every clam in the world…Lawrence Michael Creatives comprehends your beauty and its promise in each of you.


Hello world!

It is always that. Hello World. I might add: Hello laughter! Hello Happiness! Hello Joy! Hello Bliss! Hello Peace! Hello Prosperity! Hello Earth! Hello Cosmos! Hello Gods! Hello Goddesses! Hello Creator! Hello your thought that went in creating us! Of course it is the thought that counts here! Hello that thought! Hello that what preceded it! Hello that which shall succeed it! Hello! Hello ! Welcome…